The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Was the Show at Its Very Best
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Was the Show at Its Very Best

Anthony Roman

The Vampire Diariespremiered on The CW in the autumn of 2009, right at the elevation of Hollywood’s vampire fad. Its very early success assisted the young network to develop itself in a time of shift, as a variety of the programs broadcasting along with it that very first year were still holdovers from the late WB. The superordinary dramatization would ultimately outlive its fanged brethren and also take place to end up being a trustworthy support for the network’s schedule.

After 8 periods, a lot of doppelgängers to count, and also around 1,000 broke necks under its belt, the collection regarding the Brothers Salvatore and also the lady they both enjoyed concerned an end in2017 Yet the program has actually remained to reside on with its 2 spin-offs (The Originals, which finished in 2018, and also Legacies, which will certainly premiere a 3rd period in 2021) along with its appeal on streaming. Many thanks to its thick folklore and also complex stories, The Vampire Diaries makes going back to Mystic Falls a pleasure, given that there’s no other way anybody bears in mind every weave. Yet it’s the program’s very early years that we discover ourselves attracted to over and over.

“Seasons 1 and 2, there was so much mystery, which is why everyone watched the show,” Paul Wesley informed press reporters at a press testing in2017 “[The fans] resembled ‘What’s mosting likely to occur? What’s mosting likely to occur? What’s mosting likely to occur?’ Those tales ultimately run their program … As for the program is worried, Period 1 and also 2, overall, was possibly one of the most intriguing even if it [was] so brand-new.”

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” You need to recognize Period 1 and also 2 actually practically eliminated [co-creators] Kevin Williamson and also Julie Plec,” included Ian Somerhalder. “I would talk to them, I would have a question and I would call them and then they would call me back and it was like 7 in the morning Atlanta time and I’m driving to set and I’m like, isn’t it 4 a.m. in LA? Where are you? ‘We’re still in the office. We’re writing.’ They would leave the office sometimes as the sun was coming up only to go home and nap and come back and keep writing.”

The treatment and also commitment that Williamson, Plec, and also the whole Vampire Diaries creating team took into that job is most apparent in the program’s student getaway. The 2nd period was the program at its best as it sped with story and also upped the significant risks in brand-new, amazing, and also occasionally ruining methods. All this was stabilized by efficient psychological development for a variety of personalities, most especially Somerhalder’s Damon, as the love triangular in between the bros and also Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert reached its real top. On the other hand, the intro of everybody’s preferred bad guy Katherine Pierce (likewise Dobrev) and also the Initial vampire household assisted to create the program’s complicated folklore and also later on also broaden its reach with the spin-off The Originals.

The success of The Vampire Diaries Period 2 was the convergence of numerous variables, so allow’s damage them down right here.

Damon Salvatore Evolved Into a Really Wonderful Personality

The CW

If you have not had the possibility to take another look at Period 2 just recently, you could be shocked to find there was a time when Damon Salvatore was greater than simply smarmy appeal, a brow waggle, and also a well-placed laugh. Throughout the program’s 2nd period, the single villain underwent significant psychological development– as high as somebody that hesitates to transform can, anyhow– as he dropped much more crazy with Elena and also intended to be the kind of guy she might enjoy in return.

What’s most intriguing regarding Damon’s individual arc however– and also this remains essentially real throughout the whole collection– is the truth he stayed the very same individual also as he made progression and also started to allow individuals in. A naturally self-indulgent, harmful, and also spontaneous personality, Damon on a regular basis chose regardless the feasible effects, like when he compelled Elena to consume his blood so she would certainly endure Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) sacrifice near completion of the period. Yet his goal and also thinking were easy to understand, and also if you were to scrunch up your eyes, perhaps even type of worthy, albeit in a twisted means.

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The reality is, Damon would certainly do anything to conserve individuals he enjoyed and also to heck with everybody else. Time after time he tried to do right by Elena, also if it implied engaging her to neglect his admission of love due to the fact that his bro Stefan (Wesley) was the much better guy, also if it implied permitting her to assume that Bonnie (Kat Graham) actually passed away throughout her fight with AlariKlaus (Matt Davis). He agreed to do whatever it required to maintain her to life and also a Damon that appreciated somebody apart from himself was something we had actually never ever actually seen prior to. Yet although Elena was the noticeable driver for this modification in him, it really did not finish with her. Although the moment Rose (Lauren Cohan) invested with Damon was fairly brief, she had a huge impact on him, and also her fatality from a monster bite impacted him in methods he had not been happy to confess. His grace murder– while offering her a satisfied desire for her residence– was just one of the very first times we actually saw the caring guy he lagged the snark and also poison.

Certainly, none of this really makes Damon an excellent individual– followers will certainly constantly search for methods to justify the wicked points he’s done, which is ludicrous– yet it’s as a result of the stamina of Somerhalder’s efficiency, which is really remarkable in Period 2, and also the concern he reveals when he assumes individuals aren’t looking that we wish to favor him, regardless of what criminal offenses he’s guilty of dedicating. It definitely assists that Somerhalder can provide practically any type of line and also make it swoonworthy, yet it’s the midsts of Damon’s individual battles to fix up the individual he is with the individual he assumes Elena desires him to be– which ultimately brings about the admission that he intends to be human greater than anything on the planet– that made him the celebrity of the program’s finest period.

The Love Triangular Became a Motive Power

The CW

As the antihero to Stefan’s even more conventional hero (this was prior to we were dealt with to the precariously enjoyable globe of Ripper Stefan), Damon had much more to confirm in order to deserve Elena, while his little bro actually simply had a great deal to shed. At some point, the press and also pull of the program’s main love triangular would certainly break its welcome, yet in Period 2 (and also also expanding right into Period 3), it was the program’s support. The significant arcs entailing Katherine and also the arrival of the Originals twisted around immediately legendary and also extremely charming minutes implied to leave followers out of breath. As well as it functioned. Currently it still seemed like both Salvatores were actual challengers for Elena’s heart.

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Though Elena dated Stefan specifically throughout the period (with a small phony separation and afterwards a much more actual, yet really brief separation), customers were dealt with to relocating minutes entailing the older Salvatore that Elena was not privy to (or that she could not bear in mind), which had the all-natural result of splitting followers right into 2 camps: Stelena vs. Delena. Someday, when we’re all dead, our offspring will certainly still be suggesting regarding which bro was the best one for Elena. That is just how deeply followers have actually concerned really feel regarding these imaginary personalities. Possibly that’s a little depressing or perhaps it’s an indicator at just how efficient the narration might be.

The Risks Were Never Ever Greater

The CW

Period 2 upped the stake in every means feasible. Not just were the Originals the very first really frightening villains, yet Period 2 confirmed past the darkness of a question that really nobody was secure, exterminating a number of primary personalities and also permanently transforming a number of much more.

Yet a high body matter was inescapable as soon as Period 2 presented the Sunlight and also the Moon Curse, a spell which required the fatalities of Elena, a vampire, and also a monster to damage. As a result of menstruation, it pressed the Mystic Falls gang right into an edge where they were compelled to make the hardest options they would certainly encountered yet– evaluating one close friend’s life versus one more’s, choosing that can compromise themselves and also just how much they agreed to forgive an activity if it was made with great objectives.

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The crucial function this curse played in Period 2 can not be downplayed. That’s why when we found out that the Sunlight and also the Moon Curse had not been really actual, we were naturally knocked down. As well as yet, we really did not really feel betrayed. The rate with which Period 2 shed with story– every one of which was elaborately linked and also deliberate– created such an excessive trip that when the reality was disclosed, it really did not seem like an affordable story spin, yet an unavoidable development.

Yet while points were taking place a mile-a-minute in Mystic Falls (Elijah’s the opponent! No, he’s an ally! Adversary! Ally! AND SO ON), the program gradually accumulated thriller bordering the expose of real Large Bad, Klaus, that really did not show up onscreen till Episode19 By holding back on presenting Klaus, the collection developed him up right into a point of tale, making him that far more harmful and also amazing.

This two-pronged method– sluggish thriller blended with busy, life-or-death dramatization– changed The Vampire Diaries from simply one more teen vampire soap right into a pressure to be considered, and also among one of the most addictive periods of tv we have actually ever before enjoyed.

Katherine Was a Goddamn Queen

The CW

Regardless of just showing up in recalls till the Period 1 ending, Katherine had a solid visibility throughout The Vampire Diaries’ fresher period. Yet it had not been till Period 2 that we really was familiar with the lady that motivated the Brothers Salvatore to take the jump to vampirism– and also to be sincere, we entirely recognize the allure. Unlike Elena, whose dewy-eyed virtue motivated everybody to toss their very own lives to safeguard hers, Katherine was a very independent, manipulative, and also a little brilliant survivor that really did not count on anybody for anything.

Katherine ruptured onto the scene in Period 2 in specifically amazing style, removing John’s (David Anders) fingers and also stabbing him in the digestive tract. She complied with up that bloody entry forcibly bad, doomed Jenna (Sara Canning) to likewise stab herself in the digestive tract in the really following episode. Oh, and also do not neglect when she transformed Caroline (Candice King) right into a frickin’ vampire! Katherine was callous!

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Yet do not dislike the gamer. Despise the video game. As well as something Period 2 stood out at was discovering just how Katherine came to be the lady she is today, excavating right into the distressing background that led her to end up being a vampire and also take place the run for centuries– a way of life which successfully separated her from anything looking like depend on or joy.

By incorporating Katherine right into the modern story in Mystic Falls, The Vampire Diaries not just supplied a fascinating brand-new crease in the main love triangular, yet likewise provided us among the program’s finest personalities, bad guy or otherwise. The only points foreseeable regarding Katherine were that she was constantly one action in advance of everybody else, and also she understood just how to provide a wonderful one-liner. Past that, Katherine consistently maintained us presuming (specifically when it concerned her connections with Stefan and also Damon), which provided The Vampire Diaries an unbalanced power that was enjoying view.

The Originals Transformed the Video Game Forever

The CW

Relying On that you ask, either Damon or the Originals are thought about the Vampire Diaries’ biggest export, yet it’s difficult to reject the significance of the last and also the function they would ultimately concern play within the collection’ overarching folklore. When the Mikaelsons were dilated right into their very own collection after Period 4, The Vampire Diaries clearly battled to discover worthwhile enemies that might measure up to and even leading the complicated characteristics the Originals’ visibility in Mystic Falls offered the collection (do not also raise words doppelgänger to us now), that makes their intro in the program’s 2nd period even more substantial.

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From the minute we initially satisfied Elijah (Daniel Gillies) in “Rose,” the Initial household shocked customers as unstable partnerships were developed and also damaged– occasionally within the very same episode– as the program plumbed their midsts to expose their desires and also is afraid. In Period 2 the freshness of both Elijah and also Klaus (Claire Holt’s Rebekah et cetera of the household would be presented in Period 3) implied anything was feasible.

Among the collection’ most legendary minutes was when Elijah drew the wood message from his upper body, hence disclosing Initial vampires could not be eliminated– at the very least not by common laying methods– while Klaus’ ruthlessness and also crossbreed nature made him not simply harmful yet likewise damn near unyielding. The even more we found out about these personalities– they might force various other vampires, a blade dipped in the ash of the white oak tree might take them out of order– the much more frightening they came to be and also the even more we wished to know. Their visibility within the tale of Mystic Falls permanently altered the really structure of The Vampire Diaries.

It Made Tyler and also Caroline Into Crucial Athletes

The CW

The Vampire Diaries has actually constantly battled at efficiently incorporating personalities that aren’t knowledgeable about the superordinary right into the program, which is why Caroline and also Tyler (Michael Trevino) hardly climbed over the archetypes of ditzy blonde and also professional athlete bully throughout the program’s very first period. Yet strangely sufficient, ending up being a vampire and also a monster humanized both Caroline and also Tyler, that after that went through a few of one of the most remarkable personality makeovers in the program’s background.

Having actually found out about the superordinary, Caroline and also Tyler were ultimately permitted to be energetic individuals in the program’s primary stories in Period 2, transforming them right into critical gamers as opposed to simple aluminum foils or spectators. Yet much more notably, Caroline and also Tyler’s trips were the very first time the program really checked out the heart-wrenching battles of leaving your human life behind and also encountering a life time of fatal advises past your control. Caroline’s problems with her mommy (Marguerite MacIntyre) were specifically relocating, with both having a hard time to rely on each various other following her change. As well as Tyler’s search to discover his area on the planet– one that consisted of really couple of individuals like him– damaged our hearts.

Yet Caroline and also Tyler located stamina in each various other throughout these attempting times, and also ultimately they found out to discover that very same stamina in themselves. So while Period 2 will certainly constantly be kept in mind as the birth of Steroline, it needs to likewise obtain credit report for transforming Caroline and also Tyler right into personalities worth favoring (and also ones that had fairly the impressive romance of their very own).

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A variation of this short article was initially released in March 2017.

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Anthony Roman.

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